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Terms & Conditions:

  1. It is accepted by the signee above that they knowingly intend to participate in a challenging and risky activity using mechanically propelled vehicles, recognised as such under the Road Traffic Act (Off Road) Regulations 1991. The Signee accepts that dangerous conditions plus dangerous, careless and inconsiderate driving plus high speeds plus the use of amateur constructed or modified vehicles may significantly increase the risk of being killed, permanently disabled or seriously injured.
  2. The signee acknowledges that participation in this event entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or damage to themselves, to property or to third parties. It is understood that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this event.
  3. The Signee has satisfied themselves of the preparation and condition of the course and do self certify that the margins of safety, barriers and braking areas are adequate and suitable for their degree of competence and type of vehicle. The signee accepts the responsibility of monitoring all conditions that may materially change the aforementioned and they participate of their own free will and are free to withdraw from the event at any time without penalty.
  4. The signee will use all appropriate Safety Equipment.
  5. The signee accepts that participation in this activity is purely voluntary and elects to participate in spite of the risks.
  6. The signee certifies that they have adequate insurance to cover damage caused or suffered whilst participating, or agrees to bear the costs of such  damage to their vehicle. and that they have no known medical condition which may be adversely affected by participating.
  7. The signee states that they have not taken any substance / medication which may affect their ability to control their vehicle.
  8. The Signee has read the rules and regulations governing this event and has understood the above conditions and agrees to be bound by them. And accepts that any Breach of the regulations may leave them liable to prosecution.
  9. The signee accepts that the Organisers may use volunteer marshals in order to keep the costs of participating in this event affordable.
  10. The signee authorises and permits the Organiser (and third parties connected with the event) to administer first aid and to authorise such other medical treatment and transportation as may be recommended by physicians, paramedics and other medical personnel, in the event of illness, accident or injury.